The Best Swimwear for your Body Type

Shopping for swimwear to compliment your body shape can be one of the most frustrating tasks to do. These days there are hundreds of options to choose from, and more often than not we buy a swimsuit, eventually put it on, and quickly realize we don’t look the way we thought we would in it.
To pick the best suit for you, its key to know your body shape to achieve the most flattering look. Here is a quick guide to different body types, and suits to try, so you never have to feel frustrated again!


Large Bust

For all our well-endowed beauties! Support is crucial, If you are fully chested.

Look for: Try to find suits that have molded cups with underwire to keep the girls up. Avoid having too much detail like ruffles and sequins; to draw less attention to that area.


  • The thicker the strap, the more support.

  • Higher backs help keep you lifted and take less strain off your back.

  • Molded cups are offered in different styles.

  • Find suits that have similar sizing to your bra, to ensure you are getting the right support and the right size!



If you are full figured all around. Full bust, hips, thighs, and booty!

Look for: Focus on finding styles that highlight your curves. It’s very easy to pick unflattering pieces with this body type. If you’re not looking to exaggerate your curves, try to stay away from string bikinis, as they can accentuate your widest areas. Focus on cleaner looking pieces.


  • High waisted bikinis will be your best friends!

  • Look for a high cut style bottom to elongate your legs.

  • Asymmetrical suits draw the eye to the neckline, highlighting a women’s figure from head to toe.



Pear Shape

You are curvy on your lower half, specifically in your hips/thighs, and tend to be smaller on top.

Look for: For this body shape, balance is everything. Find a suit that works all around, specifically giving you coverage on your bottom half.


  • Stay away from boy shorts, or bottoms that are more likely to draw attention to areas you may be trying to conceal. Choose a high cut leg bottom instead.

  • Pick an exciting neckline or top piece that’s draws attention upward. You can pair this with a darker bottom to help slim you out and give you an overall balanced look.




You are straight across the board, with little to no curves.

Look for: Play up your curves! The goal with an athletic body type is to wear swimwear that gives you the illusion of a shapely figure.


  • Find tops or bottoms that stand out. Ruffles, chains, anything bold to accentuate your figure.

  • Monokinis can help create a curvy silhouette.

  • Try a thong bottom, or one that is cheekier. This will help give the illusion of a bigger booty!



Belly Concealing

You carry your weight in the middle, more of an apple shape.

Look for: If you are looking to conceal your stomach, there are a bunch of one and two-piece styles that will do the trick. Focus on high waisted tankini pieces, which will highlight your favorite parts of your body.


  • Try suits with gathered fabric to help camouflage problem areas.

  • Always keep a wrap or cover up with you to add some extra flair.

  • Look for high waisted retro suits, these are perfect for concealing, yet are a stylish look.


Small Breast

You naturally have a smaller chest size.

Look for: Since you need less coverage and support, try embellished tops, cute details, and fun charms. This helps create the impression of a larger chest.


  • Triangle tops create the look of curves, with bold colors and ruffles.

  • Smaller breasts are great for those cute bandeaus and scoop tops!

  • Try a push up bikini top or one with a little extra padding to create cleavage.


Knowing your body type is essential in buying the correct swimsuit specifically for YOU. It’s about being comfortable in the skin you’re in and embracing your curves, big or small. There is a swimsuit out there for you! 


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