Perfect Perky Beach Booty Workout

Summer is here but the workouts don’t stop! If you are looking to tone, shape and get the perfect perky booty, we have compiled workouts that you can do in the gym or at home. With a few key target exercises, you will stay bikini ready all summer long!

Things to Remember:

  • Always begin your workout with at least 10 minutes of cardio to elevate your heart rate and get your muscles warmed up.
  • It doesn’t hurt to add weights for more resistance; you will feel a bigger burn to build more muscle over time.
  • If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you, always switch up your workouts so you don’t hit a plateau!

Squat Pulses

Always squeeze your butt during this exercise.

-3 sets

-20 reps

How to:

  • Place your feet wider than shoulder width apart with your knees/toes pointed outward.
  • Engaging your core, slowly descend by bending your knees and hips doing a squat.
  • Continue this motion, lowering yourself as far as you can control without letting your body shift out of place.
  • Once you’re in the downward position, start doing the pulses (about 3 each time).
  • Rise up and descend no more than 5 inches, repeating the process 10-20 times.


Bench Lunges

You can use a chair, bench, or flat surface.

-3 Sets

-14 reps per leg

How to:

  • Set up a flay bench/box vertically
  • Place one foot on it while you plant the other leg firmly on the ground in front of you
  • Bend both legs, and go into a squat motion

Fire Hydrants

This helps build a rounder butt, and targets your glutes from a different angle.

-4 sets

-18 reps per leg

How to:

  • Get on all fours, keep your working-side foot flexed and knee bent
  • Bring your right leg out to your side until your inner thigh it parallel to the floor.
  • Squeeze your abs and your glutes.
  • Make sure to keep your knee off the ground when you return back to starting position to maintain tension.


Glute Kickbacks

While doing this exercise, make sure to squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement, while keeping your knee off the ground when completing to maintain tension.

-4 sets

-15 reps per leg

How to:

  • Start with your knees on the floors, in a kneeling (push-up like) position.
  • Raise your leg, until your hamstrings are parallel with your back, maintaining the 90-degree level. Make sure to squeeze your glutes the whole time.
  • Hold this position, while in motion and return back to the start, alternating legs.



Select a barbell with light weights to begin with.

-3 sets

-12 reps

How to:

  • Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and your toes placed under the bar. Your heels should be flat on the ground and your toes pointing forward.

  • Stabilize your core

  • Squat down with your knees bent, your form should be similar to a squat. Your back should be straight, and not rounded at the shoulders or spine.

  • Grab the bar just outside the line of the knees overhand or with a mixed grip. Lift the bar, pushing up with the legs from the knees. Don’t use strength from the arms or back. The legs do the work while the arms stay extended under tension while gripping the bar as the legs push up.

  • The bar will graze the shins, and hit the things and you pull the shoulders backward.

  • Lower the bar back down to the floor, keeping the back straight. Repeat.


You can always add other workouts or take away ones as you go. The point is to do the exercises correctly, add weight when you can, and squeeze your muscles during each workout. Stay hydrated, on track, and your booty will be perky in no time.



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