How To Wear Your Swimwear Off The Beach

With the weather getting warmer and summer vastly approaching, we’ve found it versatile and fun to take our favorite beach styles to the street.

Body suits have been one of the hottest trends for a while now and we aren’t complaining! They are a standout component to any outfit and are a staple to all wardrobes. That being said, the next best thing to them is a one-piece swimsuit or our personal favorite, a monokini!


Pair a one-piece, like Miss Alpha or a Monokini like Queendom with a skirt or jeans, and grab your girls for a night out at your favorite spot.

We love this look because you can’t tell when wearing the swimsuit with a pair of high wasted jeans that it wasn’t meant to be apart of the outfit! It gives you the opportunity to wear your monokini from the beach to the bar. 

Did you wear a gorgeous bikini like Shine On to the beach with all your friends? No problem, Throw on a lightweight button up dress, or anything mesh, chiffon, or macramé.

Throw on a chunky knit off the shoulder sweater, (let your bikini peek out it) like a bralette and pair it with a mini skirt. If you are wearing a swimsuit that you love, the key is to wear an article of clothing that doesn’t mind showing it off.

We have given you a few ideas to transition from a pool to a party. The most important tip is to dress with confidence, wear a smile, and always keep a positive vibe.


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