How to snap the perfect beach selfie

We have all struggled with this and probably will always need a little bit of practice. You want to perfect your beach selfie, whether you’re on vacation, or chilling with friends, it’s crucial before blasting it on social media for the world to see. Here are a few tips to get the flawless photo and capture memories in the sun!


Find your best angle

We all have our good side and bad side (or the side we tend to lean towards in pictures), and when taking a selfie, use this to your advantage!

Try shooting from above; to make your bottom half look smaller. Focus on your posture. When you are sitting up straight, everything looks leaner. Tilt your chin up a bit, stick out your jaw, and press your tongue against your teeth to define your face. Don’t forget to smile!

Pay attention to your background

If you’re hanging on the beach you probably don’t want a bunch of people running around in the frame. Always check your surroundings before you take the picture and post it. People typically stand out better next to a solid color. Look for a spot that doesn’t have too much going on visually to pose in front of.

Lighting is everything 

Sunlight is ideal for getting the perfect look. Make sure to not be in the direct sunlight, so your picture is not overexposed and you don’t look washed out. Try taking a picture right before sunset to capture the best lighting.

If you take a photo right in the middle of the day, the sun is going to be right over you, casting shadows. If this is when you can shoot, wear sunglasses and try lying on the ground at a different angle.


Feel great in your swimsuit 

This one is self-explanatory. If you are taking a photo of yourself, you should feel comfortable in your swimsuit. You should love it enough to where your look exudes confidence.

There is nothing worse than when you are fussing over your bikini because it is riding up or not even. Make sure before you take the shot, that you love the swimwear you’re in!

Don’t take yourself too serious

Last but not least, have fun! Taking pictures is supposed to be carefree, and sometimes we like to put a lot of pressure on it. If you’re caught up in your head about what your body looks like, it will read all over your face and be obvious in your photo.

Life can be super serious at times, try and take the pressure off for a minute and take some candid snaps. You just might like the results!


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