How to choose swimwear to compliment your skin tone

It has never been a rule, yet it is good to know which color swimsuit best compliments your skin tone. Here are some tips to recognize your skin tone and choose the most suitable bikini, one-piece, and cover up to bring out your natural beauty and keep you looking your best.


How to determine your skin tone

Skin tones typically fall into two specific categories: Warm and cool. Here are some ways to best determine if you are a cool or warm skin tone.

  1. The paper check: Remove all makeup off your face and hold a pure white piece of paper under your chin. If your skin looks more yellow than the paper you’re a warm skin tone. If your skin appears bluer, you’re a cool skin tone.
  2. Look at the jewelry you wear: Think about if you look better in gold or silver jewelry (Not which you prefer, but which makes you glow and feel more luminous). Usually, girls with cool skin tones look better in silver metals, while warmer skin tones stand out better with gold jewelry.
  3. Check out your veins: Cool skin tones display blue veins while looking at the skin, as warmer skin tones look as if the veins are green due to underlying warmer colors like yellow.


Warm skin tones can be light, medium, and dark. However, there are underlying tones of yellow, caramel, and golden to the skin. Cool skin tones range from porcelain to darker skin with red or pink undertones.

When warmer skin tones tan, they typically have a nice golden hue versus a cool skin tone tanning, and resulting in a redder hue. A neutral skin tone does exist, where the individual possesses qualities of both cool and warm tones.


Finding the best colors for your skin tone

After you have figured out if you are cool or warm skin tone, you have the basic knowledge as to which swimwear will compliment you best on the beach.


Warm tones look best with: Natural earthy colors, bronze, mango, burnt orange, gold, saffron, dark brown, Maroon, etc...

Cool tones look best with: Bright colors, rich colors, sapphire, emerald green, poppy red, muted colors, lavender, pink, baby blue, etc...


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