How to Care for Your Swimsuit

Aside from taking care of yourself, taking care of the things you love is extremely important. Here are a few tips in taking care of your favorite swimwear pieces, to keep them perfect, all year round!

Swimwear and Cover Ups

Since our swimwear is handcrafted in Colombia, piece-by-piece it’s advised to keep each individual swimsuit in its own pouch, when not in use. Even though each piece is Salt water and Chlorine resistant, its strongly advised to wash each piece after every use, to maintain the integrity of the color and keep it looking good as new.

Best Practices

  • Rinse your swimsuit thoroughly in cold water if possible right after use. This will help wash off chemicals such as chlorine, sunblock, tanning lotion, and saltwater.
  • Hand wash swimwear and cover-ups in cold water with mild detergent.
  • Air dry Swimwear and cover-ups away from direct sunlight. UV rays can cause the colors of the fabric to fade.
  • Do not twist or wring out your swimwear or cover-ups to remove excess water to avoid breaking the fabric and its embellishments.
  • Rotate your suits- since spandex is a “memory fabric”, meaning it takes a whole day to snap back to its original state, while on vacation, bring more than one suit so that each suit has that day to bounce back.
  • If you sit on a towel, or beach blanket you are less likely to snag your favorite suit on sand, rocks, etc.



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